Thursday, October 21, 2010

Detox day 4 and exciting ideas

A couple of really great things happened last night and today. Last night my wife and I ordered from a really neat site called Farm Fresh to You. It's a company in California that grows 100% organic produce. They deliver to you weekly, monthly, or however you would like. We got to chose what fruits and veggies to get and we will get our first delivery on next Thursday.

We all know that organic is better for you than regular, but how much do we actually know about it? Last night I watched a documentary on organic foods and realized just how important it is to go organic. People that buy regular vegetables like myself, think we are doing something food for ourselves and putting healthy things into our body. Wrong. The APPROVED pesticides on non organic items are known to cause cancer and other diseases. I feel like so many people are mislead. People just don't know what they are eating. Organic is definitely the way to go. The only downside to organic is the cost difference since organic farmers don't have the government assistance like traditional farmers do. It is going to be a little more expensive, but it is worth the extra cost.

Next exciting thing! I started to grow wheat grass today. We'll the wheat berries are sprouting today!
I got these little guys at a local health food store (herbies) for about .75 cents a pound. Got the soil for about 4 dollars for a huge amount, and I got a bin at the 99. All in all I spent about 7 dollars to grow 2 huge trays of wheat grass. This will probably amount to 16 ounces of wheat grass in shot form for around 7 dollars. Get this amount in shots at a jamba juice or local juice store at that will cost you anywhere from $16-24 for that amount. It's so simple to grow and makes much more sense economically. Once I grow it all, I am going to put up more pictures and instructions on how you can grow your own wheat grass. If you look at my post below, you will see how beneficially it is.

Today we also got a cute little wheat grass juicer. You can use this for fruits and vegetables as WELL as wheat grass. So for the price its well worth it.

ALSO! We got this cool juicing bag from amazon. I have been juicing a lot during my detox and I really just throw a bunch of fruits and vegetables into the vitamix and drink. When I make a smoothie the vitamix alone works well, but I do want to have just juice at times so we got this bag! Put the mixture right inside and squeeze out the juice. It's a really neat little mesh bag.

Oh, just a by the way. This was meant to be about my process of healing myself -which it still will be- but I am also going to be sharing really good information about nutrition. DAY 4 today of my detox and going strong! I went to the doctor today and my hemoglobin level is at 11.5! Which is great right now! As far as the colitis, I have not seen crazy improvements but I do see small things that are good. There's a little less blood, less pain as well. 

I've been hearing and learning a lot about super-foods, so I'm definitely going to be sharing more about that. Wheat grass is my current favorite, but there are more to come!

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