Monday, October 18, 2010

no better time than now

Two years ago I was diagnosed with Ulcerative Colitis at the age of 20. Since then it has been an uphill battle with myself and the doctors that have been treating me. Since day one I have heard the same two things over and over: 1. There is no explination as to why I have this disease 2. There is no cure for this disease. 

I have been prescribed dozens of different medication with very minimul sucess. About 5 months ago I became so sick and anemic that I had to have 3 blood transfusions and multiple iron treatments to become stable again. I believe that the doctors that have been seeing me have done what they know to do and I do not blame them for anything that has happened. 

About a year after I was diagnosed I began to feel a lot worse, phyiscally, mentally, and emotionally. I started to become really unmotivated about almost everything. Around this time my colitis became much worse then it did in the beginning and it is that way to this day. Until this time I didn't really take what I have seriously. Once I started really researching UC and understanding what was going on, I got more scared and more motivated to do a good thing for myself and the people that love me.

I came across the teachings of Dr. David Klein when researching natural ways to help Ulcerative Colitis and to my surprise his teaching reveals a way to CURE this disease. Having the disease himself for 8 years, he was able to cure this in himself and 1,000+ patients since. The secret to his success and many of his patients success is pretty simple. Detoxify the body of all the toxins you have continuoulsy eaten for years and years. 

Our bodies are self-healing. We are not meant to suffer. Colitis is primarly caused by dietary lifestyle. Animal meats, cooked oils, and refined whear products are largely indigestible. Colitis is inflammation in the colon. Inflammation is when toxic matter, gases, microorganisms, and build up reach a crucial level, the body then acts as a health-restorative purification process called inflammation. In other words, my colon has been attacked all these years from the bad food I have been eating (without a care in the world) and now its just so hurt that its trying to heal itself. 

Well I'm stepping in, poor colon. For the next weeks I am going to be detoxifying my body of all the toxins inside by taking on a limited, vegan diet consisting of fruits, vegetables, and raw fruit and vegetable juices. Once I have detoxed completely I will move to a regular vegan diet. I do not want to refer to myself as a 100% vegan because once I am healed I will not say that Im never eating animal products again. But my eating habits cannot continue like this anymore. I am going to make myself better.

Tomorrow is my first day on this detox. For the next weeks I will be needed a lot of rest, whole foods, juicing, peer support, and proper excercise. I feel really good about this and I will be updating day by day on my improvements. Everyones support is really appreciated and if anyone wants to learn more about what I am doing, ask me and I can send you an email with some information to back up what I am doing. I have researched this and I am doing this safely. Thanks everyone!! ♥

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