Thursday, October 28, 2010

Tomorrow is a new day!

Good evening everyone of my five followers! :D I am happy to have you guys as followers, to have any followers. So today was not the best day. As everyone knows we are all human and all humans make mistakes. I am not perfect and today I ate a big fat whopper and fries from the King. I shouldn't have and I know I'll pay for it tomorrow. The bottom line is I did it and I cannot take it back BUT I can do better tomorrow. Eating terribly is an addiction that I am trying hard to fight. I'm not going to give up but I am working on not beating myself up when I make mistakes which I know I will make.

I have been drinking wheat grass everyday since we got our new juicer. AND!!! I'm growing two different wheat grass flats. The first one I started as a test run and its growing great!
It's so cute and should be ready in a day or two! I'm also working on my bigger flank that is just starting to grow. I'm not sure if you can see the tiny bit growing but it's going. I'm really exciting to grow my own at home.
Once I have this wheat grass grown I am going to put up a how to on growing wheat grass. So simply and so healthy! Good night!

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